AAERI Nepal 2019 Roadmap

AAERI Nepal welcomed the New Year 2019 with its 1st Annual General Meeting and also its 1st Election held on the 16th of January under AAERI Executives Mr Balaji and Mr Bubbly Johar’s supervision as the Election Officers. The event was also witnessed by His Excellency Mr Peter Budd, Australian Ambassador to Nepal and Ms Katherine Bannister, DHA.


The Election has elected a five member Executive team to drive AAERI Nepal’s activities towards achieving its objectives for the term ahead. The executive members along with bearing various offices have also been given the responsibilities of heading four committees in order to streamline, develop, support and monitor activities of and for its member organizations. Both the lists of Office Bearers and Committee Heads are as follows:


AAERI Nepal Responsibilities for 2019-2021

Office Bearers:

Mr. Dwiraj Sharma Shiwakoti – President
Mr. Mahesh Babu Tamalsina – Vice President
Mr. Naren Aryal  – Secretary
Mr. Buddhi Sagar Aryal – Treasurer
Mr. Nabaraj Khatri – Public Relations


Committees Committee Heads
Visa Committee   Mr. Dwiraj Sharma
Membership and Disciplinary Committee  Mr. Buddhi Sagar Aryal and Mr. Naren Aryal
Public Relation, Market Intelligence and Events  Mr. Mahesh Babu Timilsina
Website, News and Publications  Mr. Nawaraj KC


AAERI Nepal is now twenty one members strong and aims to be concluding the year with thirty members who share the vision of ensuring ethical practices and keeping students’ experience and career success at the highest priority.


The selection criteria of the new members remain unchanged from that of 2018 which are as follows:


Membership Criteria:

• The New members would need to have the clearance of the EATC test.

• The membership applicant should be referred by:

1. An Australian University or

2. A Government TAFE



All Executive members need to clear EATC test personally to contest in election/nomination for executive committee.

  • AAERI India President will automatically be an executive member of AAERI Nepal with voting rights.
  • AAERI Nepal’s President will automatically be and executive member of AAERI.
  • All Executive/Board terms are for 2 years only.


The current list of AAERI NEPAL Members is as follows:


Sn.  Company Name

1 4Nations International

2 ABC Education and Migration

3 AE Global Education Consultancy

4 AIP Education

5 Alfa Beta Institute

6 American Education Consultancy


8 Boomerang International Educational Services (BIES)

9 Bradford Education Consultancy P. Ltd

10 Education Asia

11 Education Planet P. Ltd

12 Grace International Group

13 Kangaroo Educational Foundation

14 Kathmandu Infosys Educational Consultancy(KIEC)

15 Nepcoms Services

16 Netco Technology (NETCOTEC) Pvt. Ltd

17 North Eastern Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

18 Option Educational Consultancy

19 Scope Student Services (Previously known as Euro American )

20 Sonya International Education and Careers (SIEC)

21 York International Education Consultancy


Roadmap 2019


AAERI Nepal will tirelessly strive towards continuous progress of the International Education Industry in Nepal and will be guided by the road map to avoid diversion and distractions. However changes to the road map can and will be made as and when suggestions are received from its members and stake holders.


With best wishes for the year ahead.


Dwiraj Sharma,

President – AAERI Nepal

Email: dwiraj@alfabetaedu.com

Mobile: 977 9801036018