What We Do

AAERI Nepal aims to become umbrella organization of all reputable agencies promoting Australian education for the Nepalese students.


AAERI Nepal envisions itself as a bridge between genuine students and guardians looking for higher education opportunities in Australia.


AAERI Nepal aims to build a stable and sustainable Australian higher education market promoting genuine students who go on to complete their studies and return back to Nepal with skills and upgraded careers.


AAERI Nepal strives to protect the integrity of the higher education business with strict code of conduct for member agencies, authentic guidance and advice for students and promote ethical practice.


AAERI NEPAL promotes and engages in healthy and respectful practice for the promotion of Australian education opportunities for Nepalese students.


AAERI Nepal plans to conduct Australian education fairs in Nepal twice a year and various interaction programs between the stakeholders in education industry such as Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Australian High Commission (AHC),  Austrade, Education Providers, Ministry of Education and agents.